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Choose the gift you would like to apply for and click the ‘Apply’ button

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Fill out our registration form to apply for your gift

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We send you confirmation and your gift card by email or post

Frequently asked questions

We really have tried to keep it simple.
Below are a few of the most common questions people have asked.
You are eligible to apply for a ‘gift’ if you are currently receiving treatment for cancer or are currently in the three years following the completion of your treatment. You must come through a referring agency such as Cancer Support Group or Support Centre and will be requested to supply details of the referring agency.
Family members of your choice are also eligible up to the number specified on the applied for ‘gift’.

The primary recipient of the gift must be present.

There are no current restrictions placed on the amount of gifts applied for and gifts are allocated on a first come first served basis. This is however subject to change and the Directors of ‘Something To Look Forward To’ reserve the right to amend restrictions subject to supply and demand. However, to enable all members to have an equal chance of being able to apply for gifts, we request that you do not book in excess of 3 first come, first serve gifts per year.
Before accessing any ‘gifts’ you must register with us. Do this by this by clicking on the ‘Register/Login’ link at the top of the page and fill out your details.
There are a variety of ways of receiving your gift. Some gifts are sent by post some may be emailed or you may pick up your gift at the venue. We will inform you of the process.

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