Donated by Floatwell

Floatwell offers a range of wellbeing treatments and therapies aimed at eliminating stress, reducing physical pain, and enhancing your mental focus.

Situated close to Cambridge railway station, simply head up Station Road 400 yards and they are on the right at 6 Salisbury Villas.

What is floatation?

When floating in one of their pods, you will float without effort in a pool of heated epsom salt water. With the body completely supported and a total lack of other sensory input your mind and body can take a well-deserved break. People find floating helps encourage sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, speed up recovery from injury and in producing mental focus.

What to expect:

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your float to allow you to start the relaxation process and enjoy a welcome drink.

Next, they will take you through everything step by step to ensure you get the best out of your experience.
Once in your private room take a shower – shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels will all be provided, – then lay back and enjoy your float!
Afterwards, rinse off the Epsom Salts, get changed and use the hairdryers provided within the Vanity Room.
Before you return to your day, why not take up a complementary drink and reflect on how great you are feeling!

Please note: You need to take up your float within 3 months of being allocated the gift.

Floatwell are also starting yoga classes on 30th January. Please follow and like @Floatwellcambridge on Instagram for a chance to win a free float!