Donated by Floatwell

Floatwell offers a range of wellbeing treatments and therapies aimed at eliminating stress, reducing physical pain, and enhancing your mental focus.

Situated close to Cambridge railway station, simply head up Station Road 400 yards and they are on the right at 6 Salisbury Villas!

Their Infrared Saunas are not only a more comfortable alternative to traditional saunas and steam rooms, they have additional health and wellbeing benefits too. The heating effect is much more gentle, and you have it to yourself.

All round, a session in their infrared sauna is a deeply relaxing experience which improves blood flow, eases pain and has a wide range of health benefits. People also use infra-red saunas to detox, relax, relieve chronic pain and recover from physical exertion.

You’ll be taken to your own personal IR Sauna room where you can set your own time and temperature, as well as lighting modes.

Please note: You need to take up your sauna within 3 months of being allocated the gift.

Floatwell are also starting yoga classes on 30th January. Please follow and like @Floatwellcambridge on Instagram for a chance to win a free float!