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Areola tattooing is a tattoo created to give a 3d effect of a protruding nipple and 3d effect details to the areola (coloured area around the nipple) we create areolas to look as realistic as possible. When colour matching to the remaining areola (if unilateral) colour choices are essential, we spend time swatching and finding the perfect colours for the perfect healed results, we also match shape and size of the nipple and areola to get the very best results for our clients. When creating bilateral (both breasts) We will discuss size, shapes, colours and positioning of the areola and when we are both happy we can begin the tattoo.
We use tattoo inks as opposed to semi-permanent inks so our clients can walk away and not look back however we always recommend a touch up 6/8 weeks later to make sure everything has healed as it should and make minor touch ups if needed!

Gemma Bowers does her tattooing from her Clinic in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

Gems ink cosmetic tattoo studio, based within Gems ink hair & aesthetics.
13 High St
PO33 2HW

Gemma also teaches at different Venues around the UK (Essex, Kent, Portsmouth) and models are often required.

The treatment is for breast cancer or BRCA survivors and Gem is registered with the MTA 😊