Donated by Twistee Dog

Bethan Siviter is an experienced face painter and member of Equity with full insurance. Bethan is offering the following face painting experiences to someone affected by cancer:

• A face painting table at a family event, birthday party, etc
• Face painting at a sports event (like in a pub for a football game)
• Face painting for a fete or school/work event- (up to 25 people, 3ish hours)
• Painting for a hen/ stag (etc) night (glittery girlie stuff) (up to 10 adults, partial facial art and ‘tattoos’ including those with very adult themes if desired) (2 hours, up to 12 people, any age, any gender)
• A 1 on 1 experience (or small group- up to 4 students plus a couple people to be painted) to help someone explore face painting, learn the basics, etc- either older kid(s), adults, or a mix
• Work with a photographer to do a full body piece and then have it photographed- maybe one of the lovely local studios would be interested?
• Work with a photographer to do facial/ body art for a family
• Do a “temporary” tattoo to help someone decide if they want it, or to get a photo
• To do a “war wound” piece for a photo- cover/ incorporate a scar (Mastectomy works well for this, as does a thyroid scar) do something beautiful to augment not hide a scar or other body change
• Teaching a group of kids/adults (up to 6 people) how to do basic balloon modelling 1.5 to 2 hours with a small number of balloons included free

• Ideally you would live within the Birmingham/ Black Country metro area. Bethan may consider special requests slightly outside this area but this must be discussed as part of your application
• Prefer wheelchair accessible environments but can work with someone on that (might need help to carry kit)
• Can work with the person to find a good date/ time and work out the details
• Willing to be flexible
• Can do one between now and 14 December- after that will not be until at least March 1
• Will still ask for a signed contract, that waives costs (for indemnification)