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1 night stay for 2 or 4 people & breakfast, Cambridge

Donated by The Waterman and City Pub Group

A modern-day meeting place and contemporary inn! Open all day and just a short stroll across the beautiful Midsummer Common from central Cambridge. Proudly positioned on Mitcham’s Corner, Chesterton Road, Cambridge.

We like to think we have it all covered here… craft beer, an eclectic range of wines and spirits, fresh flavour driven food and even a bed for the night should the stumble home feel too adventurous! Not only that, you can sample our wares in the sun-kissed courtyard, ‘Potting Shed’, pub or at our next door neighbour’s place, no. 30 coffee shop!

This gift can be for a couple of a family of four.

This gift is not for someone living in the Cambridgeshire area.

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