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Family meal voucher, Shoreditch

Donated by Nick and Greek



We are extending our love for Gyros to you!

The Gyro is Greece’s favourite Street Food. Imagine a soft flatbread filled with scrumptious cooked meat, some freshly cut tomatoes, onions and some tzatziki sauce. Mouth watering right? A bite of a Gyro was our a-ha moment that led to Nick and Greek.

Nick and Tony are the co-founders of Nick and Greek. We are two young and energetic individuals who want to make it our mission to satisfy your hungry souls. Our passion for food and people can be easily felt as you step closer to our white and blue gazebo.

Nick and Greek’s menu has something to please everyone. Whether you are vegetarian, on a diet or a meat-lover, you will find your “soul food”.

You will receive a voucher entitling you and 3 other family members to a wrap and a drink to enjoy.

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