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Mavala Nail Polish Set, Nationwide

Donated by Mavala Zwitzerland


Mavala have launched their latest collection, Haute Couture, created especially for those going through cancer treatment.

The six piece collection of polishes are formulated using Silica which helps to protect nails against the side effects of chemotherapy. Silicon dioxide protects against ultra-violet radiation, as well as providing a dark, opaque finish which camouflages any hyperpigmentation in the nail which is a common side effect of treatment.

Mavala’s Haute Couture collection includes Tobago, Marron Glace, Ruby, St-Germain, Velvet and Amethyst, all of which are twelve free and suitable for use by vegans.

Mavala hopes that the Haute Couture collection will help to improve self-confidence while helping to manage the side effects of cancer treatment.

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