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3 Reflexology sessions, Bristol

Donated by Redland Reflexology


Redland Reflexology is a home based practice, set up and run by Louise Solomon. Redland Reflexology can help you relax, unwind and may help balance problem areas, both physical or emotional. The holistic approach to healing is paramount in all treatments and is tuned to the individual’s needs. Reflexology is an holistic, complimentary treatment that is fantastic for relieving stress and tension, helps the body ‘re-balance’ and promotes circulation. It is given while sitting in a relaxing, reclining chair with the client fully clothed and just the socks off! Hand reflexology can also be given if this is preferred. You can either access your reflexology treatment from Louise’s home or she can offer mobile treatments in a 3 mile radius.

The initial treatment would be approximately 1.5 hours and then your subsequent 2 treatments would be approximately 1 hour.

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