Before you apply please read the following…

To apply for a gift you are required to:

1) Upload formal photo ID (not a selfie or photo)
2) Upload a Medical Condition Verification letter confirming your diagnosis

You will have the opportunity to upload these images as you fill out your gift application form.

Please see the details below for the specific Photo ID & Verification requirements. We are unable to process any applications that fail to provide the two required forms of identification.

What is ‘acceptable’ photo ID?

Please note that photo ID does not mean a ‘selfie’ or a ‘holiday snap’ and we certainly do not require a photo which highlights that you are receiving treatment (we actually get asked that question daily).

Photo ID can be a scan of your driving license or your passport.

This is NOT acceptable photo ID

This IS acceptable photo ID, or a scan of your passport is good too.

Medical Condition Verification

We require you to supply a hospital letter verifying your condition. You can either scan your letter, or take a photograph of your letter, but we must be able to confirm all the details highlighted in the example below.

What is ‘acceptable’ Medical Condition Verification?

We require a scan or photograph of a hospital letter verifying your condition.

This letter must include the following 4 details:

1) Headed paper with hospital address details
2) Date of clinic appointment
3) Your name and address details
4) Your diagnosis