Thinking of donating a break at your hotel?

All hotel stays donated to ‘Something To Look Forward To’ go directly to families affected by cancer and cancer poverty letting them create positive memories together when they need to most. We never use gifts for raffles or fundraising so your donations really count.

The lead up to our weekend trip was full of excitement for the whole family. As it was an unexpected little trip, it really gave us something to look forward to!
It was a really special few days and perfect for those months after treatment when you’re so tired from it all.

How will it all work?

Donations of hotel stays are one of our most sought after gifts as they provide a chance for families to have a break from the world of cancer. The hotel stays go to families who are struggling financially as a result of their diagnosis and we work closely with hospitals, hospices and cancer support groups to support those most in need. All families go through our rigorous application process before tickets are allocated.

To donate a hotel stay, please fill out the form below.

Contact Us

If you are interested in donating a stay at your hotel to a family affected by cancer then please fill out the simple form and we will contact you to discuss in more detail.

Alternatively please email Holly Kingsley

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