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Have a question about applying for a gift?

You are eligible to apply for a ‘gift’ if you are currently receiving treatment for cancer or are in the first year following the completion of your treatment (This must include either surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

Applicants with a secondary or terminal diagnosis can continue to apply for gifts.

You may be signposted to our service from another agency or professional. You may have heard about us through social media, the internet or through a friend. Either way, you are eligible to apply!

No. Unfortunately we are not able to accept any documents via post or email. For data protection reasons your scanned images/photographs must be sent to us within the online form whilst applying for your chosen gift.

‘Additional’ gifts are ones that are promoted through our social media platforms and are advertised as #additionalgifts

Applicants can apply for one main gift and up to three ‘Additional’ gifts per year.

You must create an account with us before applying for a gift. Please use the ‘log in’ tab in the top right-hand corner of the page. You can simply apply by clicking on the ‘apply for this gift’ button on the gift of your choice. You are required to upload formal photo ID (not a selfie or photo) and a letter confirming your diagnosis.

Our current guidelines stipulate applicants are eligible to receive up to one ‘main gift’ and three ‘additional gifts’ per year (please see next FAQ regarding ‘additional’ gifts) subject to availability. Please note that due to the high demand on the charity’s finite resources, submission of an application form does not guarantee the award of a gift or experience. The Directors reserve the right to amend restrictions subject to supply and demand.

There are a variety of ways of receiving your gift. Some gifts are sent by post, some may be emailed or you may pick up your gift at the venue. We will inform you of the process via email.
Family members of your choice are also eligible to enjoy your gift or experience up to the number specified on your ‘gift’ e.g a restaurant meal for 4 people.

Family and friends or those with caring duties can also apply for a gift. They will however be required to produce a document confirming the diagnosis of the person they care for. The person directly affected by cancer must benefit from the gift or experience.

Unfortunately you may not be successful for every application and this could be for any of the following reasons:

  • We have had a high number of applications for this gift.
  • You have not submitted the correct documentation (please see guidance on the website)
  • You do not fall within our current timescale criteria i.e 1 year post last treatment.
  • You have already been allocated one main gift and three additional gifts.
  • You have applied for a ‘Special Projects’ gift and you do not match the specific criteria.

We would encourage you to apply for another gift, just make sure you are eligible and that you provide all the necessary evidence.

Are you able to donate a gift?

Whether you are a large corporate or a caring individual, our charity is dependent on your support which we very much appreciate.

Donating a gift

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