“Donate Some Plates”

Thanks to the amazing support of Tom Kerridge and his wonderful chef mates, in September we are launching our ‘Donate Some Plates‘ campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to receive 1,000 ‘Dinners for two’ kindly donated by pubs, restaurants and hotels throughout the UK.

We will then gift these dinners to people affected by cancer to give them ‘Something To Look Forward To’ as they are going through their cancer treatment.

Get involved and donate

Proudly supported by ‘PUB IN THE PARK’ and Tom Kerridge.

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Thanks to all our wonderful donor pubs, restaurants and hotels, we have now been donated…

Over 0
‘Dinners for two’ donated to families affected by cancer

A huge thank you to our wonderful donors who have already supported us

Partnering with this charity was a very simple decision for us to make. We all loved the fact that when we donate a gift it won’t go into a raffle or tombola to be won by someone who may not even want or ‘need’ the gift… we know it is going directly to people who are affected by cancer, will give them ‘Something To Look Forward To’ and bring them some happiness.

James Cochran – Restaurant 12:51
Great British Menu Winner 2018 & 2020

Looking to ‘donate some plates’?

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