Covid-19 Essentials Project in Cambridge Project Results

Project Results

Our grant from The Cambridgeshire Community Foundation
Value of essential items we were able to provide
Number of people we reached

Supported by: Cambridgeshire Community Foundation

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic we delivered our ‘Essentials Project’ in Cambridge working in partnership with the NHS, hospices, Cancer Centres and Support Groups to deliver essential items to those affected by cancer poverty. Essential items included toiletries, bedding, clothing, nightwear and food vouchers for those who were forced to shield during the pandemic for extended periods of time due to being in a high risk group. Our provision helped eliminate feelings of isolation, boredom and loneliness and boosted emotional wellbeing and self esteem.

With £2,500 from the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation we provided £28,288 worth of essential items to 689 people.

As the world is now returning to a new normal, we are again working with the foundation to help our cancer community in Cambridgeshire ‘Experience More’. This project has been specifically funded by Cambscusine who recognised the importance of our cancer community being able to re-integrate into society following the pandemic and to start enjoying life again by making memories with their loved ones.