Thinking of donating a short break in your holiday home to a charity?

Gift donations of holiday homes to our charity are one of our premium gifts and they are allocated to the most needy of our service users and we are extremely grateful for these donations.

Our time at Owl Cottage gave us a chance to be a family again, away from the strains of home. We hadn’t had a holiday together for a long time and it was was time to start the new life we had been forced to put on hold because of cancer.

It was a very generous gift and gave us some much needed space away as a couple from the challenges surrounding diagnosis, treatment and the new ‘normal’ that follows without adding financial pressures. It also gave us the opportunity to start creating new memories together.

Just wanted to send sincere and heartfelt thanks for our week away in Sausage Cottage. It has boosted our spirits and revived us, and we are looking forward with a lighter spring in our steps.

How will it all work?

Donations of holiday homes and cottages to our charity are not allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis to ensure we reach a couple or family who will benefit the most from the experience.

To donate a stay in your holiday home or cottage to our charity, please fill out the form below or contact We can then discuss your donation in detail and answer any questions you may have if they are not covered in our FAQ’s.

We will then promote your cottage on our website and through our social media. We can also promote who has donated their cottage unless you wish to remain anonymous.


You can donate as many or as few nights as you wish. If you only have availability for one night that’s great. If you are able to offer your cottage for a weekend or a week, then even better!

We do not expect you to donate in your peak periods and we are only too happy to accept periods in low season or mid-week. We are grateful for any donations and so are our gift recipients.

Although we are happy to accept set days or weeks for a donation, it is really helpful for you as a donor to be flexible with booking dates as many of our gift recipients find it difficult to commit to set times due to treatment and illness etc. It is really helpful if they can discuss their booking directly with you.

The gift recipient is eligible to pay any service charge and this is made clear to them at the application stage. This would be paid to you directly by the gift recipient.

Donating your holiday home or cottage to our charity

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