Why not ask your lovely local landlord to support our charity?

Anyone can help our charity… just ask the landlord or manager at your local pub or restaurant if they could donate a meal gift to the charity.

It’s very simple to ask and if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Andy Coldron – The charity’s Co-Founder

Partnering with this charity was a very simple decision for us to make. We all loved the fact that when we donate a gift it won’t go into a raffle or tombola to be won by someone who may not even want or ‘need’ the gift… we know it is going directly to people who are affected by cancer, will give them ‘Something To Look Forward To’ and bring them some happiness.

Ben – Landlord, The Petersfield, Cambridge

If you just ask… who knows where it may lead!

We have always said, if you ask a pub or restaurant to donate a gift to someone affected by cancer they most probably will! We have had great success with many establishments showing their kindness by donating meal gifts to our charity and there is always room for so much more!

If you simply ask, you never know where it may lead! We recently asked at one of our local pubs, The Petersfield, and landlord Ben was so impressed with the ethos of the charity that the pub is not only now donating a variety of gifts on a regular basis, but he also mentioned the charity to his Area Manager and we now look forward to partnering with many more of ‘The City Pub Group’s’ establishments in the near future.

The possibilities are endless – all just by mentioning our charity and asking one simple question… ‘could you donate a meal to give someone affected by cancer Something To Look Forward To?’

So why not ask at your local?

The majority of our donors simply pledge meal voucher(s) to a value of £50 or £100 and stipulate when the gift is valid for i.e. ‘not weekends’, what it is for i.e. ‘set menu’ and how often i.e. ‘once every quarter’.

It really is that simple

All the gifts donated to the charity go directly to people and families affected by cancer so please discuss this with your local, ask them to fill out this very simple form and we will take care of the rest!