OWise – Patient Support Apps

OWise Breast Cancer and OWise Prostate Cancer are free mobile apps for those affected by breast or prostate cancer. The apps have been designed to help you regain control from the first day of diagnosis. OWise was designed with the help of patients, to empower you with personalised information and self-management tools.

The app provides personalised medical information based on your profile details, as well as a tailored list of suggested questions to help improve conversations with clinicians. The prostate cancer app also provided a decision aid tool to help navigate your treatment pathway options.

You can also actively monitor your treatment side-effects over time and share your progress with someone from your care team or a loved one. Additionally, OWise enables you to store, enter and visualise all the information about your cancer treatment in one secure place – appointments, treatment plan, notes, photos and even audio recordings.

For a short overview of what to expect, please watch this video for the OWise Breast Cancer app https://vimeo.com/469759433 and this video for the OWise Prostate Cancer app https://vimeo.com/516294047

“I used the OWise app to record daily stats throughout my primary diagnosis & treatment. It was invaluable for helping my care team to review any changes in my treatment and side effects. It took all my fear away.” – OWise Breast Cancer User

“I believe the OWise prostate cancer app will provide a very useful resource for patients from diagnosis, through treatment options and into recovery. It provides an easy to use experience and enables so much helpful information to be easily accessible in one place.” – Richard, OWise Prostate Cancer User

If you’re interested to learn more, head over to the OWise Breast Cancer or Prostate Cancer website, or download the Breast Cancer app or Prostate Cancer app now for free!

Download the OWise Breast Cancer app here: owi.se/dl

For more information: https://owise.uk

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Download the OWise Prostate Cancer app here: https://owi.se/dl?app=pc

For more information: https://owise.uk/prostate

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