Premier travel are delighted to be able to support a fantastic charity, ‘Something To Look Forward To’, which was set up by a couple from Cambridge, in 2015, following a terminal breast cancer diagnosis.

The charity supports people affected by cancer and cancer poverty by providing gifts and experiences donated by individuals and companies.

We are reaching out to all our partners to see if you could join us in support of this wonderful charity by donating holidays (or supporting in any other way) to help families affected by cancer have ‘Something To Look Forward To’.

Hear what a difference a holiday break  means to families affected by cancer.

Thinking of donating a holiday?

Hear what a difference a holiday means to families affected by cancer

Our time at Owl Cottage gave us a chance to be a family again, away from the strains of home. We hadn’t had a holiday together for a long time and it was was time to start the new life we had been forced to put on hold because of cancer.

It was a very generous gift and gave us some much needed space away as a couple from the challenges surrounding diagnosis, treatment and the new ‘normal’ that follows without adding financial pressures. It also gave us the opportunity to start creating new memories together.

Thank you for helping us to put the horror show of current reality to one side for a few days. We left Cancer land and valued some family time. My kids loved every minute, my 5 year old has told everyone about how he helped daddy to warm the hot tub by building a fire – and also how he toasted marshmallows on the fire pit.

How will it all work?

Gift donations of holiday breaks are one of our ‘Main’ gifts and they are allocated to the most needy of our service users and we are extremely grateful for these donations.

To ensure we reach a family who will benefit the most from the holiday experience these gifts are not allocated on a first come first served basis. We view every application and allocate the holiday based on the gift recipient’s need.

If you think you may be able to support our charity by providing a holiday/s, please fill out the form below or contact

We can then discuss your donation in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Us

If you are interested in donating a holiday to a family affected by cancer then please fill out the simple form and we will contact you to discuss in more detail.

Alternatively you can email Holly


    Currently our charity only accepts gifts of properties which are already 'commercially let'.

    Please see below some important points required to meet the charity's conditions for donating a gift of a stay in your 'commercially let' accommodation.
    • The property is fully insured to comply with legal hire requirements: - Buildings - Contents - Public Liability
    • If your property is in Scotland, you must have a Short Term Holiday Let License
    • You agree to donate time in your property without charge (however you may choose to charge a cleaning/laundry fee and/or deposit which is payable by the beneficiary)
    • You agree to contact the applicant with property address via e-mail and liaise accordingly through the booking process (the charity will assist with correspondence)
    • The beneficiary will be responsible for any damage to the property as per the deposit details
    • You agree that there is no restriction to you making the donation of the property
    • The property is fit for purpose of being a holiday let
    • You agree to respect the privacy of the applicant whilst on holiday

  • By submitting this form, you consent to the collection and use of information in accordance with our privacy policy.