Sotic are delighted to be able to support a fantastic charity, ‘Something To Look Forward To’, which was set up by a couple from Cambridge in 2015, following a terminal breast cancer diagnosis. The charity supports people affected by cancer and cancer poverty by providing gifts and experiences donated by individuals and companies.

We are hoping our clients would be willing to donate gifts and experiences including tickets to events, stadium experiences or merch etc which will be matched to people affected by cancer poverty via the charity.

Hear what a difference a day out at a sporting event means to couples and families affected by cancer poverty.

Hear what a donor has to say about her experience of donating tickets to a sporting event.

Hear what a difference receiving tickets to a sporting event makes for people affected by cancer.

Life has changed so much for our son recently; it was fantastic for him to have what felt like a normal experience. We took our nephew as well, and the two boys really enjoyed being able to spend time together. It was good that at this topsy turvy time in his life, they were able to have fun together. This may have been the beginning of a new hobby the boys can enjoy together!

Our gift was Liverpool FC Hospitality tickets! This really gave us something to look forward to in between Christmas & the new year. My daughter is a big red! The hospitality and welcome we received was fantastic in the Paisley suite. Our seats and the variety of food on offer was amazing. Access to the suite at half time for a hot drink was great with it being such a cold day. The reds won 2-1 so my daughter left with a big smile on her face!

Attending the game gave me a chance to enjoy the rugby. I have been a rugby fan since a young child. It was so nice to be looked after so well. All the staff were polite and welcoming.

Hear what a donor has to say about her experience of donating tickets to a sporting event

Why did you choose to donate?

We liked the fact that the tickets were going directly to a family in need rather than into a raffle or auction.

How easy was the process?

Very easy – we simply completed the online form with information about the event we wanted to donate tickets to and once agreed, we sent over the tickets!

How did knowing you were helping a family affected by cancer create memories make you feel?

It felt like for very little effort on our part it could make a huge difference to the lives of others – so it felt great!

Why would you encourage other businesses working in sport to donate?

For those of us who work in sport, it feels like an easy and straightforward way to make a big difference to families who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience a live sporting event, and who need opportunities to have fun.

How will it all work?

Tickets to sporting events are incredible opportunities for our cancer community. The tickets will be allocated to couples and families most in need and we prioritise those living with a terminal or secondary diagnosis when allocating.

The ticket donation will be advertised on our charity website and across socials to promote the gift and thank the donors. Of course you can opt out of this promotion or remain anonymous if you prefer.

To donate sporting event tickets, please fill out the form below or contact We can then discuss your donation in detail and answer any questions you may have if they are not covered in our FAQ’s.


You can donate as many or as few tickets as you wish. If you only have a couple of tickets for one event, then that’s great. If you are able to offer a larger amount of tickets to a single or range of events then even better! We are grateful for all donations no matter how big or small.

You can issue e-tickets or tangible tickets to our registered charity email or postal address or we can give you the details of the allocated beneficiaries for you to send the tickets to them directly. We want to make the process as simple as possible for you and are happy to explore any other methods of ticket issuing.

The more notice the better however we have an extremely large beneficiary base and tickets will never not be allocated. We can work with short notice donations as we have a mailing list for people who can take up last minute experiences.

How to donate tickets

If you are interested in donating tickets to a sporting event for people affected by cancer poverty then please fill out the simple form and we will contact you to discuss in more detail.

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