‘Something To Look Forward To’ are delighted to be supported by venues within Young’s Pubs and Hotels and are seeking donations of meals out or overnight stays from individual venues within the group to give directly to people affected by cancer.

‘Partnering with this charity was a very simple decision for us to make. We all loved the fact that when we donate a gift it won’t go into a raffle or tombola to be won by someone who may not even want or ‘need’ the gift…we know it is going directly to people who hare affected by cancer, will give them ‘Something To Look Forward To’ and bring them some happiness’.

Ben – Landlord, The Petersfield, Cambridge

We have had great success with many establishments showing their kindness by donating meals out and overnight stays to our charity and as the number of service users increases there is always room for so much more!

We would love to have as many venues on board as we can to extend the reach of people affected by cancer we support throughout the UK.

The majority of our donors simply pledge either a meal or overnight stay and stipulate what it is eg. ‘overnight stay with breakfast, set menu’ when the experience is valid for eg.’weekdays only’ and how often eg. ‘once a month/quarter/annually/one off’.

All the experiences donated to the charity go directly to people and their families affected by cancer. If you can help us please fill out this contact form.

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