Fundraiser: “GCI” – Samuel Medley, Thomas Pace, Ryan Greenaway and Lewis Adams

Date of the event: November 2019


There’s not many people in the world that haven’t heard of the ‘GCI’ – That’s the ‘Geezers Club International’ for those of you who don’t know! Sam Medley, Tom Pace, Ryan Greenaway and Lewis Adams are four of the founding members and despite their ‘tough’ exterior they are four of the most kind and caring lads we know. These young men are regular supporters of ‘Something To Look Forward To’ and have done a variety of fundraising challenges between them. During the month of November they are coming together to raise further funds for families affected by cancer poverty across the UK. Between them, they will be growing 4 spectacular moustaches over 30 days and we cannot wait to see their progress!

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