Fundraiser: Sophie Aylett

Event: Dream Challenges Trek (Kenya)

Date of the event: 14th July 2024

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

My breast cancer was caught at an early stage.

The surgeon could remove it with clear margins.

Seven rounds of chemotherapy was not fun, but I learnt to love my bald head, and my ears don’t really stick out that much.

Radiotherapy was tiring. (I’m now excellent at holding my breath. IYKYK)

My body has been trashed but I can rehab and recover. I’m a little slower, a bit battered, with creaky joints, but I’m also 2cm taller because of my bilateral breast surgery – thanks cancer!

My oncology team have been amazingly tolerant and understanding with me: my micro-managing, researching protocols, strict timetable for treatment and endless veterinary stories and analogies.

Fortunately, being my own boss, I could switch to less hours, work from home, and keep our veterinary practice going without too much interruption (and with a ginormous amount of support from my husband and team).

I’m not great at asking for help, and even worse at accepting it, but lovely “cancer breasties” have introduced me to many wonderful charities who have supported and inspired me.

So I’m taking the opportunity to do some fundraising for them whilst challenging myself as part of my recovery. I’m off to Kenya with Dream Challenges for a testing trek and exploration around the Maasai Mara and I’m raising funds for “Something To Look Forward To” and “Little Lifts”.

STLFT helps anyone with any type of cancer, and their families, access a variety of gifts, experiences and days out with the aim of promoting well-being, relieving stress and offering a brief respite from the trauma of cancer. Financial hardship is sadly all too often a consequence of cancer treatment but “Something to look forward to” offers patients and their families the chance to enjoy a positive experience together for free. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure fair and considered bespoke support. Every donation raised is actually trebled into the value of gifts and experiences provided to the cancer community via business partnerships. Everyone affected by cancer deserves something to look forward to.

Little Lifts provides free gift boxes for patients with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy and those affected by secondary breast cancer. These amazing boxes are delivered free of charge and contain so many useful and thoughtful items to brighten up those dark anxious days during treatment. The concept of opening up a box packed full of little treats that have been handpicked for breast cancer patients made such a massive difference to my treatment journey. A little kindness goes a long way and your donation will help expand the availability of this charity to more hospitals and patients.

Thank you

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