Fundraiser: Young’s

Event: Ice Bucket Challenge

Date of the event: December 2022

Our intrepid group has pledged to make a splash to raise awareness for a vital cancer charity and to take (a cold) one for the team!

In addition to fundraising in our pubs & hotels, we’ll video a member of the team, or perhaps a keen local, tipping an ice-cold bucket of water on the head of each willing participant – I’m sure there’ll be long line of volunteers!

A member of our team has battled cancer this year, and it’s given us the motivation we need to raise money for an important charity that’s close to our hearts – ‘Something To Look Forward To’.

The charity promotes the well-being, relieves the stress and aids the recuperation of those who are experiencing the effects of cancer and its treatment. In particular by providing gifts & experiences for cancer warriors and their families. We want to support them to continue their essential work.

Special requests will be considered for an extra donation, so do ask us if you have any naughty ideas and please sponsor us as much as you can afford to undertake this unpleasant endeavour.

Raising £250 would be amazing, so dig deep, friends. We promise to share the videos of our indignity with you by way of thanks!

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