Fundraiser: Suzie and Ollie
Date of the event: 8th July 2018

2.5km River Cam Swim

We are taking on this challenge in aid of Something To Look Forward To – a cause that is close to our hearts. This family run charity is run by a friend of ours and his family who are themselves affected by cancer. They improve the lives of thousands of other families affected by cancer poverty by providing donated ‘gifts’ and ‘experiences’ including restauarnt meals, spa breaks and cottage holidays. These opportunities allow families to create positive memories togethe at a time when they need to most.

Please sponsor what you can to help us reach our target and don’t forget to tick the gift aid box!

Thanks in advance x

2.5km swim in the rat infested, shopping trolly obstacle course that is the River Cam.

OK maybe it will be a pleasurable leisurely swim down the beautiful river from Granchester to Cambridge with the lure of lashings of wine and ginger beer at the end. None the less it is certainly no breeze and will need lots of stamina.

Suzie is looking forward to lots of celebratory champagnes afterwards. Ollie is praying for a warm day so he can show off his new speedos.

Good luck guys and thanks for supporting our charity – Andy Coldron, Charity Founding Director

please sponsor us

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