Fundraisers: Maxine Leeper

Event: Brave The Shave

Date of the event: 6th August 2022

Hi everyone, Maxine here and I will be braving the shave for charity on the 6th August 2022! I actually cropped my hair for Cancer Research 5 years ago and although it’s a fantastically worthwhile charity, sometimes all you need, when going through cancer is ‘Something To Look Forward To’ which is why I have chosen to do it for this smaller, family founded cancer charity this year. I’ve been so lucky to have been allocated a Haven Holiday on the mainland with car ferry by the charity ‘Something To Look Forward To’ so I want to help give something back. I got the county press on the Isle of Wight to do an article and I’ve noticed a few new gifts go on to their charity website on the Island but now I want to do something personally to really make a difference. My sister will be doing my hair in her garden (weather permitting) and my niece will be uploading it to Facebook live.

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