Fundraiser: Lizzy Wilding

Event: Cambridge Half Marathon, March 5th & Milton Keynes Marathon on the 1st May

I’ve decided to take on a ‘double challenge’ this year and run the Cambridge half marathon on the 5th March following by the Milton Keynes Marathon on the 1st May to raise money for the amazing charity “Something To Look Forward To” (founded by Lindsey’s Andy)

When I read about the charity I knew that it was a charity that I wanted to support.

As a daughter who’s mother is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, to know that there is a local charity out there committed to helping and supporting individuals and loved ones through their cancer journey really struck a chord! When I told my mum about my plans and the charity she responded with this: 

“I am supporting you all the way. Cancer is a very hard companion to accept in your life ,you cannot escape its devastating influence in your life and the one of your loved one. I am proud of the founders of the charity Something to look forward to and I am grateful for all the support that they are providing to us breast cancer sufferers. My prayers will be with you and all the charity supporters who are willing to run this marathon for us. Thank you.”

The charity benefits people affected by cancer who are also suffering as a result of loss of income due to their illness. The charity provides positive things to look forward to generously donated by companies and individuals.

You can find out more about what the charity does here.

If you could sponsor my run that would be much appreciated.

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