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TRISudbury establishing ‘Project Suffolk’

The wonderful members of TRISudbury have chosen to organise next year’s Sprint Triathlon, 9th June 2019, to raise funds to establish ‘Project Suffolk’

About the charity and ‘Project Suffolk’

‘Something To Look Forward To’ is a family run UK registered charity.

We run a charity website for people with cancer and their families to access a variety of gifts which have been generously donated by people and companies.

The gifts can be anything from restaurant meals, hotel stays, beauty treatments, tickets for events and attractions, stays in holiday cottages… the list is endless.

Project Suffolk is one of our special regional projects where we focus our efforts in sourcing gifts and experiences from kind and caring individuals and businesses in Suffolk and match them to deserving people and families affected by cancer and cancer poverty living within the county.

All the gifts and experiences we source will be ringfenced for these people so they will have hundreds of incredible opportunities to have fun and create positive memories with their loved ones.

We will work closely with local hospitals, hospices and cancer support groups to reach those most in need and will build strong relationships with local gift donors in order to give those affected by cancer in Suffolk ‘Something To Look Forward To’.

TRISudbury have selected this charity as their chosen charity for the 2019 Sprint Triathlon on 9th June.

Members of TRISudbury are encouraging as many people as possible to take part in the event and raise as much money through sponsorship as possible.

The TRISudbury members are also on a mission to source as many ‘gifts’ as possible to benefit people in the Suffolk area affected by cancer and cancer poverty.

We use the money raised to set up what we call a ‘Project’.

The work involved in setting up a ‘Project’ includes:

  • Visiting Suffolk hospitals, cancer care centres, hospices and reaching the online ‘cancer community’ and providing presentations about how people can access our service.
  • Gift sourcing – we approach the local community and businesses, restaurants, hotels, visitor attractions etc to source a large variety of ‘gifts’.
  • Marketing the service through the use of leaflets, banners and social media campaigns.
  • Gift distribution via our comprehensive website and stringent allocation process including the matching of gifts and organisation of experiences.

The charity does not use the money raised to buy gifts or experiences.

We use the money to form lasting relationships with partner organisations and prospective long term gift donors.

As an example of our success, in 2017 we established ‘Project Surrey’ with funding of £7k. In the first year we were able to convert this £7k into over £20k worth of gifts donated to people and families from Surrey who were affected by cancer.

Only people living within a Suffolk postcode, who meet the charity’s eligibility criteria, will be eligible for the gifts sourced and donated to ‘Project Suffolk’.

Sprint Triathlons and getting involved

Starting with a 400m swim in a ‘laned’ swimming pool. If swimming is not your strong point don’t worry you can let the organisers know this and you will be in the pool with other swimmers of a similar standard.

After a quick towel down off you go on a 23km cycle through some stunning Suffolk countryside.

No you do not need a fabulous expensive road bike. Your existing bike will most likely be fine or you could borrow one from a friend. Yes a half decent bike does make life easier but really is not essential.

After the cycle enjoy a little 5km, mainly cross-country, run to the finish line.

A “Sprint’ Triathlon is a fantastic introduction to the sport and really is achievable by everyone of any shape size or fitness level.

Yes we would definitely recommend doing some training beforehand. What better incentive to get fit(ter) and raise some money for a fantastic cause.

Please be aware there is a strong possibility after taking part that you will have the ‘Triathlon bug’ and soon be down to your local bike shop!

You absolutely can!

For most people the swim is their weakest sport. Being able to swim is certainly helpful but there is no rush and you can complete the 16 lengths (400m) in your own time. The only strokes you cannot use are backstroke and butterfly (who can actually do butterfly???). The pool is shallow and you can stop after each length if you need to.

If swimming really is not your strong point then what a great opportunity to use the event as the driving force to get yourself some swimming lessons leading up to the event.

The 22.5km cycle is through some beautiful Suffolk countryside along well marshalled roads so you won’t get lost. You definitely do not need to splash out and get the latest £5k road bike and team this up with colour coded full lycra outfit.

Any bike will do. Obviously a road bike will make the cycle a little easier but there’s really no need to invest just for your first Sprint Triathlon.

Finally to the 5k run/walk/crawl, it really doesn’t matter how you do it.

Message from the charity’s co-founder:

Having entered this event last year, as a complete novice, what I can assure you is that it was a lot of fun.

All the people involved in the event were welcoming, friendly and helpful. Also, all the other competitors, whether they were seasoned Triathletes looking for a new PB, or complete beginners like myself struggling to put on a swimming cap for the first time, everyone enters the event in great spirits to have an enjoyable day out.

Most definitely not. The Sprint Triathlon is open to everyone from complete beginners to experienced athletes.

Some people are taking part to ‘compete’ and others are taking part to ‘complete’. You can just go at your own pace. Whatever suits you.

Being able to swim is certainly helpful although again there is no rush and you can complete the 16 lengths in your own time. The only strokes you cannot use are backstroke and butterfly (who can actually do butterfly???). The pool is shallow and you can stop after each length if you need to.

The charity will take care of setting up your ‘Make-A-Donation’ page (something like this) and your own page on our website… (something like this).

All we need you to do is complete the form below and we will send you your links when your pages are set up so that you can start chasing your friends and family to sponsor you!

The form on this web page is to sign up to raise money for the charity. It IS NOT where you need to sign up to take part in the actual Triathlon.

If you fill out the form below we will contact you as soon as the Sprint Triathlon Registration Form goes online.

Don’t delay… get involved!!!

Sign up now to raise money for a great charity

Our TriArmy is growing rapidly!

Sign up below to raise money for a great charity

YES PLEASE… I want to take part and raise money for ‘Project Suffolk’

Thank you for choosing to take part in this awesome event to raise money for ‘Project Suffolk’.

If you could please fill out the simple form then we will be able to set up both your ‘Make-A-Donation’ page and your own page on the ‘Something To Look Forward To’ website. When they are both set up we will send you the links so that you can spread the word via email and your social media.

PLEASE NOTE this form is to register to raise money for the charity. IT IS NOT your registration to the Sprint Triathlon. If you fill out the sponsorship form we will contact you as soon as the Sprint Triathlon registration forms go online for the event.

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